The Australian Centre for Health Innovation (CHI) assesses, designs and evaluates clinical services, facilities and systems to meet current and future health care needs.  We work with:

  • Government and policy bodies
  • Universities
  • Health regions
  • Hospital networks
  • Medicare Locals
  • Clinical, administration and executive teams
  • Redevelopment project teams
  • Consultants
  • Architects
  • IT and enterprise architects

"Better-designed hospitals, systems and clinical services save money by reducing hospital stays; they keep patients safer and help them feel better about their experience, speeding their recovery. Intelligent service delivery and facility design isn’t a cure, but truly efficient health care will be impossible without it."


Research Projects

The Centre puts a strong emphasis upon the importance of evidence-based research as the basis for developing innovative and effective solutions to the toughest healthcare challenges. Our research, analysis and evaluative services include:

  • White papers
  • Population needs assessments
  • Organisational-wide planning
  • Clinical stream and service assessments
  • Health service access reviews
  • Evidence gathering and reporting
  • Health service integration
  • ICT integration and evaluation
  • Quality and safety improvement
  • Innovative models of care development and service delivery
  • Clinical workflow development and analysis
  • Mapping patient flows, patient experience and outcomes
  • Technology testing
  • Communication models and process evaluation
  • Post-pilot evaluations
  • Productivity discovery platforms and analytics
  • Data and systems solutions

Collaborative Design Events - Pain Points

We organise collaborative design events to tackle health care 'pain points'. 'Pain points' in health care represent relatively urgent and unresolved issues in the system. They may adversely effect workflow, patient care, safety or administrative processes. The more severe the concern, the further the 'wave of pain' travels across the system amplifying impact.

Health, ICT and government sectors are invited to design workshops to target these key areas. Often simple or existing products and services can help improve efficiencies and reduce cost structures. Other times complex and tailor made solutions are required.

Individuals and groups with complementary skills from the MyCHI community are selected to participate with case study assessment and vendor demonstrations. Design processes are created for new systems to achieve holistic solutions.

Test, Scope & Pilot with Experiential Demonstration

Our $1.5 million ICT purpose-built testbed is a scaled down medical-grade network. This is used for prototyping, development and show casing an experiential demonstration of newer technologies and delivery protocols in health that can improve efficiencies, reduce medical errors and increase patient care.

For health services we are able to provide clinical design related intelligence, and workflow analysis around efficiency using IT as an enabler. We also offer:

  • Independent solution evaluation (usability, suitability for health, User Acceptance Accepting)
  • Expert case development insights
  • Technology testing
  • Post-pilot evaluations
  • Evaluation of ICT integration

Project Management and Consultancy Support

The services we offer include presentation, facilitation and health industry expertise in:

  • Needs analysis and strategic planning
  • The practical aspects of IT in acute clinical areas
  • Assisting clinical user groups to understand the design and building process, and importance of good governance
  • Human factors and social science personnel facilitate both clinical and design stakeholders in productive engagement and 
  • The structure and running of effective clinical user groups to ensure maximal productivity and engagement
  • IT visioning & technology for new hospitals
  • Advanced and complex mathematical modelling of staffing and patient workload  - e.g. emergency department and operating theatre settings to explore the effect of changing models of care, treatment types and staff numbers
  • Process design evaluation and advice

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