The CHI research agenda aims to support healthcare systems and their workforce to respond to pressing issues concerning Patient Safety and technology adoption across the system.

Exploring, more deeply, the impact of technologies on clinical work practices will enable both the health sector and the technology sector to:

  • Realise the potential benefits of health ICT
  • Support selection processes for new technology
  • Support the health workforce with educational programs
  • Support design of workforce-ready solutions
  • Create an open interface between care-delivery practices and information-delivery solutions

Led by Dr Stuart Marshall, the research team will use the Simulation labs, Ux Healthcare and the CHI community to influence this aspect of Health Innovation.


Stuart Marshall is an anaesthetist at Peninsula Health, Head of the Patient Safety Unit at Monash Injury Research Institute and Simulation Educator at the Monash Health Sim Centre and the Australian Centre for Health Innovation (CHI).

Stuart became interested in simulation after obtaining his private pilots licence and recognising the parallels with medical education and training. He is currently undertaking a PhD in Human Factors through the Cognitive Engineering Research Group at the University of Queensland and has a research interest in the effect of cognitive aids on team functioning in medical emergencies. 

Stuart will lead the CHI Human Factors and UX research agenda, manage the CHI research team to respond to the needs of the CHI community and is joint leader (along with Dr Tim Gray) of the CHI Education portfolio.

Research Projects

The Centre puts a strong emphasis upon the importance of evidence-based research as the basis for developing innovative and effective solutions to the toughest healthcare challenges. Our research, analysis and evaluative services include:

  • White papers
  • Population needs assessments
  • Organisational-wide planning
  • Clinical stream and service assessments
  • Health service access reviews
  • Evidence gathering and reporting
  • Health service integration
  • ICT integration and evaluation
  • Quality and safety improvement
  • Innovative models of care development and service delivery
  • Clinical workflow development and analysis
  • Mapping patient flows, patient experience and outcomes
  • Technology testing
  • Communication models and process evaluation
  • Post-pilot evaluations
  • Productivity discovery platforms and analytics
  • Data and systems solutions

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